The Avicultural Society - Stewart Pyper Conservation Fund

The Avicultural Society has long supported conservation projects around the world. In the past we have donated funds to organisations as a way of supporting them. With a bequest left by Stewart Pyper we plan to make an annual contribution to conservation work.

Instead of monetary donations the Society will now fund the purchase of an item or items for a conservation project. The purchase will be to aid or help improve the project and the Society will cover the cost of the whole item, not a contribution, part payment or money towards a project. We would prefer the project to have an avicultural aspect, but will consider other conservation work.

Applications will be accepted from projects anywhere in the world. The total cost of the request will not be more than £500 (or equivalent) plus reasonable shipping costs. Application deadline will be by the end of August every year. Decisions will be notified to applicants in September/October and funds will be donated to the successful project(s) before the end of the year.

Application form is available here.