If you would like to join The Avicultural Society and receive the AVICULTURAL MAGAZINE, the subscription is £21 per year in the UK, £30 Overseas (via airmail) and £24 Overseas (via surface mail). A student rate is available for individuals registered as full-time students. The student rate is £12 for students resident in the U.K. and £15 for overseas students. Payment should be in UK currency. The annual membership is due on January lst each year. Those joining later in the year will receive back issues of the current volume of the magazine.

To join please send your subscription (in UK currency) to:

Kate Atwell
The Avicultural Society
8 Chelsfield,
North Somerset,
BS48 3LU
United Kingdom

Note: If you have any enquiries about the subscription, methods of payment or wish to order back issues, please email Kate Atwell.

Please be sure to include your name and full address (not everyone does). If writing your application by hand, please print your name and address clearly. Otherwise please fill out the form below. This can also be used to order back issues.

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    When joining The Avicultural Society, or renewing your subscription, please complete the form below to consent (or not) to being sent e-mails. If you do not consent to this then you will not be sent any e-mails, except in reply to e-mails sent by you. You will only need to complete this form once, unless you wish to change your choices, or resign and later rejoin The Avicultural Society.

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