Coming soon........

It was in 1926, (I believe), when Emilius Hopkinson collated and published his RECORDS OF BIRDS BRED IN CAPTIVITY. This formed the starting point for Dave Coles, Curator of Beale Park in Berkshire, to himself begin recording first breeding records for the UK. Since the first edition of Dave’s records were published in 1986, classification has changed several times and continues to do so as well as further birds being bred for the first time and this has been reflected in the numerous updates that have been published.

After such time dedicated to keeping the avicultural first breeding records for the United Kingdom, Dave has now after some 25 years handed the task over to Simon Matthews at Waddesdon Manor who will now be ensuring that the records are updated.

We are delighted that we will shortly be adding the First Breeding Register of Birds in the UK under Captive Conditions to the Avicultural Society website so as the saying goes “watch this space”.