Beale park social meet

I hope your year so far has been full of birds!

Many of our members may already be attending if they are members of other societies that are involved, but in case you are not, here is an update on the event we have recently got involved in.

The Avicultural Society members are welcome on August 6th, to join the Parrot Society at Beale Park in Berkshire, UK. Many bird keepers will be attending and it offers another chance to socialise in the summer with like minded individuals. The Park is open 10am till 6pm and members will get free admission if they show the latest magazine they have received. Any donations are welcome, family members pay normal admission charges. This is not a formal organised event on our part and you will not need to check into any guest lists so please feel free to turn up as you wish and join in!

Would be great to see some of our members there.


Christopher Kent