Following the last Council Meeting of the Avicultural Society held on 24th September at Paultons Park in Hampshire the following awards were announced:

The DHS Risdon Award for the best article published in the Avicultural Magazine in 2010 went to JJ Elston, K Unger and R Dunn for “The Reproductive Behaviour of the Saddle-billed stork (Ephippiorynchus senegalensis) and Developement Behaviour of its Chicks”.

The Dulcie Cooke Award for the best illustration(s) in 2010 published in the Avicultural Magazine was Pierre de Chabannes’s photos illustrating the following articles (2010):

There is no doubt that Pierre has produced some exceptional photographs that have been published in the Avicultural Magazine.

A male Blyth’s tragopan, one of the winning photographs.

Congratulations to all the award winners on behalf of the Avicultural Society.