A Tribute by David Woolcock

Malcolm was invaluable to the World Parrot Trust in its formative years. His stunning artwork gave the WPT collection boards the WOW factor that not only caught the eye but also elicited funds from so many people. These boards have been distributed all over the world and have been responsible for raising large amounts of money which has in turn directly helped parrot conservation. Malcolm also illustrated one off signs for us such as the one which resides in St.Vincent promoting the conservation of its national bird.

Malcolm was a generous and gifted artist. I can well remember visiting him to collect artwork that he had produced for the WPT, and desperately trying to persuade him to charge us more! He was more concerned to know that his work was to be used to save the birds in the wild than to receive its true financial worth.

Malcolm was a gentleman, and one who, in his quiet unassuming way, did more to help the conservation of parrots than many would realise. At the WPT we know of the scale of his contribution and will be forever grateful to him for it.

David Woolcock
Paradise Park