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A Few Memories of Malcolm Ellis

I first met Malcolm at London Airport on September 25th 1973, both of us expecting birds from Tim & Jane Barnley in Kenya. My consignment included pairs of juvenile Crowned cranes, Red-billed hornbills, Jacanas, Grey-headed kingfishers and a Woodland kingfisher; Malcolm was waiting for 10 Lesser flamingos on behalf of The Wildfowl Trust (as was). […]

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Malcolm Ellis by Reuben B Girling

Reading any issue of the internationally respected Avicultural Magazine prepared under his Editorship and admiring his artistic achievements in bird books confirms that Malcolm Ellis consistently exceeded all that is understood by and contained within a phrase frequently used here in Cornwall, where he lived, namely, “a proper job”. Personally, I rate his biographical articles […]

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A Tribute by David Woolcock

Malcolm was invaluable to the World Parrot Trust in its formative years. His stunning artwork gave the WPT collection boards the WOW factor that not only caught the eye but also elicited funds from so many people. These boards have been distributed all over the world and have been responsible for raising large amounts of […]

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