The Avicultural Society

Founded in 1894

President: Mr. Christopher Marler

The Avicultural Society is concerned with the keeping and breeding of all types of birds other than domesticated varieties. The society, based in the UK, has a world-wide membership which includes most top aviculturalists, as well as leading zoos, bird gardens, conservation organisations and research institutes around the world.

History of the Society

A small group of British and foreign bird-keeping enthusiasts met in Brighton in 1894 with a view to forming a society devoted to their interests. The newly formed society started with 52 members. In November of that year, the first issue of the society’s magazine carried an editorial in which the joint editors proposed that members should be known as aviculturists. Thus the Avicultural Society came into being and a new word – aviculture – entered the English language.

The Society Today

The Avicultural Society promotes the study of, and best practices in, keeping non-domesticated birds in captivity, publishing four 48-page issues of the AVICULTURAL MAGAZINE annually. The Society also sponsors Special Interest Groups dedicated to the captive propagation of non-domestic birds. We also encourage conservation in the wild. To this end amongst the various projects selected the Avicultural Society has assisted in the funding of Professor He Fen-Qui’s work with the Blue-crowned Laughing Thrush and hornbill research in Thailand, where villagers who previously earned money by taking chicks from their nests and selling them, now receive payments for protecting the nests and collecting nesting data.

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News and Views

Raymond Sawyer Scholarship update

The Raymond Sawyer Scholarship for 2018 has been awarded to Arno Lapiere from Belgium. Arno is a private keeper whose main interest and experience is with small parrots. (Read More...)


Organisations are invited to apply on the official form for funding up to £500 for specific items of equipment for avian conservation projects, particularly those with an avicultural element. More information of this award and the society’s award scheme is available here. (Read More...)

Latest Magazine

The latest magazine, Volume 124 No. 2, has been posted. CONTENTS From the Chairman Breeding the Mountain Caracara Phalcoboenus megalopterus at Cotswold Falconry Centre by Kellie Piper Breeding the Cape Robin-Chat Cossypha caffra by Gary Bralsford Breeding the Blackcap Babbler Turdoides reinwardtii by Eddy Powell Hand Rearing a Knobbed Hornbill Rhyticeros cassidix by Tiago Nabiço, Operations Manager, Wisbroek Research & Development ... (Read More...)

Avicultural Society Trip 2018 – Update

There are a few places available for non-members to join the Avicutural Society’s trip to Scotland Sept 28th-Oct 1st 2018. On Friday we will travel by coach from Wiltshire, picking up on the M5 before visiting Robbie and Pauline Young’s varied collection of foreign birds in Cumbria, which includes bee-eaters among other rare and difficult ... (Read More...)

2018 Autumn Social will be held Saturday September 1st

This years Autumn Social will be held on Saturday, September 1st at Paultons Park. There is a maximum of 50 places (limit 3 tickets per member). There will be a form to return for tickets in the next magazine, so if you’re planning to come (as I hope you are), please apply promptly when you ... (Read More...)